7 Reasons why you should use an Email Marketing Service to send your Newsletters

Gone are the days that sending bulk email from Outlook is common practice.  If you are a small business and sending frequent email updates to a growing email list it is best that you set up an account through one of the many email marketing services out there; such as, Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, Emma to name a few.

Designing good emails takes some practice and over the past couple years email creation has been a key part of my business and something that has kept me very busy.  Surprisingly, coding emails is very different from web design.  Email programs such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and especially Outlook can all render an email differently.  Not only that, email coding is a bit “old school” and precise.  Archaic (in a technological timeline) methods such as utilizing embedded tables are best when creating emails and the coding must be precise because email programs are not as forgiving with mistakes as web browsers are.

But why all the tech talk you ask?  Why should you care?  You just want to send a nice looking email and not worry about coding it.  I tell you this because knowing WHY you need to go through an email marketing service is important for many reasons.

  1. Using a pre-designed template
    Most of these email services have  a large library of pre-designed email templates to choose from.  Some are better than others but with such a large selection there is no doubt that you will find one that is suitable for your business or message.  This not only saves you time in designing an email but most importantly you can feel confident these emails will work across all email clients or programs (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc).  The trickiest part about designing an email is making sure it works across all these platforms and the provided templates are tested and solid!
  2. Customize the selected template
    Just because you select a template doesn’t mean you have to settle for the default color, fonts and images.  These email marketing services provide you with a template editor where you can change the style to fit your business.  The layout may look the same but you should always take it up a notch and match your look.  Mailchimp even has a button in its template editor where it can fetch the colors off your website and match them in your email template ~pretty cool!
  3. List Management
    One of the best reasons to use these email services is that they manage your email list automatically.  In other words, if a reader wants to opt out of your newsletter, they click a link in your email and they are automatically removed.  You do not have to do anything.  Also there are easy integrative features with these systems where you can place a signup form on your website or on your Facebook page where readers can easily sign up for your newsletters. These opt-in forms manage these new users automatically as well.
  4. Following the rules
    The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 set the first national standards for sending of commercial emails (click the link to find out what CAN-SPAM really stands for – interesting).  Some of the standards include providing a place where readers can opt-out of receiving future emails and requiring the sender’s address in the email (usually at the bottom and can be a PO Box).  Email marketing services make sure you are following these standards by adding these items automatically. Get the clicks offers useful tools on it. They also stay on top of the latest laws and restrictions within the email legal landscape which means you don’t have to.
  5. Email Address Reputation
    Email spamming has been around ever since the birth of emails.  As you know, these spammers find clever ways to get through all the filters and protections that Email & Internet Service Providers put in place and at times the good email senders, like the majority of us, will get caught in one of those spam nets and our emails will be rejected.  This can happen quite easily when sending bulk emails without using one of these reputable email services.  If you repeatedly send bulk emails directly from your Yahoo, Gmail accounts or even through Outlook, then you could have your email address shut down by that email provider or by your own Internet Service Provider for what looks like spammy practices.  Email service providers such as Constant Contact and MailChimp are trusted within the email community and they keep a good eye on their account holders to make sure there is no funny business going on.
  6. Statistics
    It’s no fun sending emails without knowing if anyone opened them.  Just like with your website, studying your email statistics is a crucial part of marketing your business.  Through these analytics you can find out which emails were read, what subject lines work best, and how many links have been clicked within your email.  Finding out this information and adjusting & tweaking emails based on these results helps you become a better email marketer by sending effective & valuable emails.  All these email services have great statistics built into their systems.  Have you checked your Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook email stats?  Oh wait, there are none.
  7. It’s Free
    What better reason is there than this last one?  Most of the Email Service Providers out there offer free trials and the cost is minimal after that.  My favorite email provider is MailChimp because they allow you to have a free account forever if you have under 2000 email addresses and send less than 12,000 emails a month. Truthfully if you have a larger email list than this and are sending more than 12,000 emails a month you must be growing a pretty decent business and can afford the $30/month for the next level.  Constant Contact is fairly popular but does charge $15/month after the 60 day free trial period even for a small email list.

I hope these reasons convince you to start a free account with one of these email marketing services.  One of my passions is guiding small businesses through the gunk of technobabble, so if you feel the FEAR of starting an account with one of these services, please contact me. I can get you started, set you up with a template that is customized for your business, train you on how to use the email template editor and be there for questions after that.  Please fill out my contact form or email me at if you need some help.  I’m here for you!


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Ann Marie
Ann Marie is a genius at making technology simple. Since 2001, she has run the web design and online marketing company, Cascade Valley Designs just outside of Seattle. She specializes in building, customizing and maintaining WordPress websites. If you are a DIYer, she can help you avoid a catastrophe with her DIY Website training program and monthly Website Freedom Plan.


  1. Kevin

    This is a very good explanation of why you need an Email marketing service vs. trying to set it up within your own company or even why you can’t (or shouldn’t) do an email blast by yourself.

    I was just asked this question today. Did a Google search and found your article.

    Thank you, Ann Marie.

  2. Steph

    Good article. I recently got encouraged to try out email marketing, I am using for its free plan 🙂

  3. EC

    I am new to email marketing. So far i have designed as much as 2 emails using icontact. Today i proposed an email marketing scheme to the CEO who needed this. But he asked me why should we get into all the coding when we could design an image and email it to our customer. I told him about the statistics thing and how we can keep track of our customers.
    He wasn’t convinced and did not have a convincing answer. Can you please guide me and get me the strong reason of using email marketing campaign.

  4. Bulk Email Service Provider

    After reading this I will surely try and build my next email myself. Can the entire process be handled by a single person?

  5. send bulk emails

    Good post very useful to us so,thanks for this option, and have look in to this blog here we get best tips those are very useful to us.

  6. Alice

    well, I couldn’t say MailChimp is free forever. Of course, if 12.000 emails a month is enough then it is free. I think it is better to have unlimited emails for limited number of subscribers, e.g. MailerLite, by having unlimited emails and features for your small (up to 1000) subscriber list you are able to really grow it. What would you choose, limited emails or limited subscribers?

    1. Ann Marie

      I would chose limited subscribers to start with. Most website owners will not send out enough emails in a month to reach the 12,000 limit and if they do then they should start comparing prices.

  7. Johnson

    In my point of view, email quota is based on business if one person need is 2k, some other is above 5k or 10k. So depend on company necessity they choose the suitable tools for marketing. I am using Apptivo, I choose it based on my based my business needs and easily access it.

  8. Haadi

    Great work again, I am using MailChimp free account now. My email list is growing day by day. What should I do?

    You can check my blog on the below link.

  9. Mary Smith

    Interesting post! Email marketing is such a valuable tool in marketing strategy, design beautiful newsletters to tell your story and keep people engaged as its best free email marketing services.


  10. smtpget

    Thank You so much Ann Marie for sharing this useful information.

  11. Mark Parker

    Hey, First of all, Thank you so much for sharing this amzing information about “Email Marketing” is really impressive and so much helpful for me. Keep it up and once again Thanks:)

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