About Us

We often tell our clients that their "About" page is one of the most visited pages on a website.  So here is our team and story.

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How we started

Ann Marie Gill Owner & Principal Web Designer

Ann Marie started Cascade Valley Designs in 2001 with a passion for web design and the intention to help small businesses  develop their well deserved  presence  online.  As a busy mom and small business owner herself,  Ann Marie understands the challenges of staying on top of the fast changes within the online world.  She guides her clients through the overwhelming information by providing clear advice and easy tools to help their business grow online.

Cascade Valley Designs is proud to have a variety of happy clients from an avid interior design blogger to a music school director, from a gourmet butter entrepreneur to a busy mailbox online store.  Whether it is an ecommerce site, non-profit organization, custom email newsletter, or a full scale easy-to-maintain website, Cascade Valley Design is there for you.  By understanding the latest design and online marketing advancements,  Ann Marie and her team have crafted Cascade Valley Designs to be an easy-to-use one-stop shop for any small to medium-sized business wanting online solutions.

Behind the scenes guru

Stephanie Wicker Web Designer & Developer

Stephanie Wicker

Stephanie is Cascade Valley Design’s secret weapon; working in the background on projects that require her savvy coding skills and eye for design details.  Stephanie started working as a designer at Cascade Valley Designs in 2013 while finishing up a web design program at Bellevue College. Before that, Stephanie took a computer programming college course and although she really enjoyed it she wasn’t sure if coding was something she wanted to do as a career. Stephanie has always loved digging into creative projects like scrapbooking and card making so after stumbling upon web design, it was like having the best of both worlds. Coding and Creating!

When Stephanie is not lost in the world of technology, she enjoys hiking, playing games, and spending time with family.  Her and her husband recently had their first baby. Her new little boy keeps her very busy, but she loves it.

keeping us all organized

Natalee Nelson Social Media Manager, Admin, Copy Editor

Natalee Nelson

Natalee joined the team in 2020, bringing an eye for detail, continuity and personalization to our clients. All your monthly Website Care Reports and annual invoices are generated by Natalee, who also helps proof new websites created by Cascade Valley Designs, and is the Social Media Manager for several of our clients. Natalee has a heart for the success of small businesses, and loves to promote them for social media visibility and engagement.

She’s got a ‘thing’ for color; fabric, gel nails, fine-tip pens, and is a self-proclaimed ‘font nerd’. Natalee loves living in a small town and working with such a generous, intelligent team.

Why the name "Cascade Valley Designs"?

The origin of company names is a fascinating topic so here is how ours came about.

Thirty miles east of Seattle, in the beautiful, forested foothills of western Washington’s Cascade Mountains, lay the quaint small towns of Carnation and Duvall.  Our teams' families make our home, and our business its headquarters, in these two towns, which lie in a beautiful valley full of scenic vistas and picturesque farms.  The Snoqualmie River runs through the valley near these towns and provides plenty of recreation and a frequent backdrop for summer festivals for our community.

Cascade Valley Designs is named as a tribute to where we live and work, which we think is a hidden gem in the Northwest corner of the US.

Snoqualmie Valley by local photographer,
Wade Hasbrouck Photography