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Its a lot like having website insurance.  Have some peace of mind that we are keeping your valuable online asset safe.


Do you backup your site on a regular basis?  Do you know how to restore that backup if needed? Before making any major changes or plugin/Wordpress updates on your site, it is crucial to make a backup.  It is important to make regular backups that are stored outside of your hosting environment in case your hosting server goes down.  As a part of the Website Care Plan we make sure your backups are accessible to you AND make sure your site can be restored quickly with the backup if something should go wrong.

Most website owners don’t realize that their site is being targeted by hackers every day, sometimes every hour.  Can you believe an estimated 30,000 websites are successfully hacked every day? (from The hacking has become much more sophisticated these days and is automated.  The computerized hackers are looking for an open door either by figuring out an easy password or finding a hole in the core, plugin or theme of your site.  Updating your WordPress files, themes and plugins as well as securing the site with strong passwords are important ways to keep the hackers away from getting in and injecting bad code on your site.  We take the proper steps to protect your site with these Website Care Plan.

Have you ever made a search on Google and seen under the listing title, “This site may harm your computer”?
What if your customer is searching for a business like yours and sees this in Google?  Do you think they will click the listing to visit your site?  Probably not.  This is Google noticing a site is hacked and warning potential visitors.  We have helped clean up sites that have this message and it can be an expensive process.  It can take a while to get this bad message removed from Google search if not done right.  The best step to take is PREVENT your site from getting hacked in the first place. Our Website Care Plans includes the security needed to protect your site from getting hacked and we know what to do if your site is hacked.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know every month how your site is ranking in Google? As a bonus, in your monthly report, you will receive an update on how you rank in Google search for your chosen keyword terms.  You will also find how you are doing in comparison to your competitor’s websites.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many monthly site visitors you have?  As a bonus, in your monthly report, you will receive an overview of the number of visitors to your site during the previous month.

We have been working on WordPress websites for over 10 years now and building sites for nearly 20 years.  We have seen a lot of sites go down due to various reasons.  We keep a close eye on your site’s up time and are checking your site regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly.  The worst thing is to go to your website and see it is no longer running.  The Website Care Plan includes our team monitoring the health and uptime of your website.


*please note this is for self-hosted WordPress sites only

Website Security & Hardening
Malicious Code Monitoring
Site Down Monitoring
Restoration of Site from Backup
Daily Backups
Monthly Upgrades to Plugins, Themes and WordPress files
Monthly Reporting


Google Search Ranking Report
Competitor Comparison
Site Visitor Analytics


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