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Do you want a website that works just the way you want? It is possible.

Client Site:  Success Perspective

Cascade Valley Designs is our preferred web designer! Super classy look, always keeps it updated, and turns on a dime when there’s an issue. Just TODAY someone complimented us on our website

We LOVE building websites that owners are PROUD of

Every business no matter the size deserves a well-designed website that represents its unique story. Our main focus is crafting sites that look good, convert well, and match the style and personality of the business. But, we don't ONLY provide websites that our clients are proud. We also provide the solutions for a full-functioning site and support after the project is done.

Anyone can build a website these days.

With all the DIY tools available now it is easier than ever to build a website. Why not build it yourself? These platforms seem easy enough when you read the sales pages and videos. Then you signup, open the hood, and overwhelm kicks in. Oftentimes, these DIY site builders are limiting and don't provide the tools for your business to grow with the website. It's always better to contact a professional if you are serious about a successful website. We are here to get your website started off in the right direction!

We are obsessed with solutions!

Our team has 22 years of experience building custom websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations. With over 800 sites designed & developed, we have the experience to provide solutions that are unique to each website. No website we design is the same nor should it be. Each business has a different set of problems to solve or a unique approach to selling its products or services.

We make it easy to update your website

Your website doesn't need to cause you STRESS! As an owner, you should be able to update your site without the fear of it breaking or not knowing what to do. You probably have better things to do than fight with your website. We provide you with the training you need to keep your own site updated. 

Client site: K9 Kennel Boss
Client site: K9 Kennel Boss

Client Site: K9 Kennel Boss


What makes us different than other website agencies?

Here is a little bit about our process.


We get to know You and Your Business to create something you LOVE

We work with you to understand your brand and your vision. By asking key questions at the beginning of the project in both a questionnaire and an online meeting, we get to know your approach and your business personality. This helps us design a unique site for your business. We work with you until you are happy and proud of your website.

Testimonial from Strasser Woodenworks: Ann Marie and her team were fantastic. We re-developed our website in order to become more relevant; more interesting.png
“I work in the tech industry and have had many different vendors as well as in-house teams with whom I've interacted on websites. Ann Marie is an experienced professional, able to do what needs to be done and then document it -- again, "pro" -- it with carefully made videos so that I can easily maintain it. Our website had some difficult information architecture challenges, many types of customers, many ways the products and services could be configured, and an emerging product type so there's also a lot of insight and explanatory materials. Her suggestions on how to organize these unclear customer journeys were informed by current industry practices, and gave us some elegant results that delighted the stakeholders. Highly recommended!" Testimonial Jessica Margolin, MS MatSci, MBA

We build websites with the latest tools and technology

There are plenty of themes and plugins that can be used to build a website but not all of them are secure, well-supported, or the right ones for your site's situation. We have spent years building up a collection of our favorite premium tools to build websites and understand what resources are available and work well for the different needs of a website. We even include the cost of some of these premium tools in the build of your website at no extra cost to you.


We show you how to update your website

There is no point in having a beautiful functional website if you don't have the tools or knowledge to keep it updated. We provide you with personalized website video tutorials after the site is finished. These videos are SPECIFIC for YOUR website. These are not standard "How to add an Image" or "How to update a Post" tutorials. They are short videos on how to update each part of your website. You look over our shoulder while we update your website. Our clients love having these videos available to watch as they need them. When you hire a new team member to help update your website, the videos are always available for their training.

"All my website work has been done by Cascade Valley Designs for over 5 years. They've set up multiple websites, set up new digital tools, and set up funnels. The work is always fantastic. After they set something up they provide a video that demonstrates how things work and what I need to do to update things. They make everything so easy. I refer them to everyone I know who is looking for any website needs." NJ Shelsby, Productivity Coach