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Jun 14

Kids’ Top 5 Favorite iPhone Apps

children friend girls group playing internet with mobile smartphone on grass
Today’s post comes from guest blogger, Jennifer Gretson, who introduces a few new apps to our family. Thanks Jennifer for the interesting article.

Two-year-olds have real addictions to technology, and it’s no secret that many five-year-olds are better at operating a smartphone than adults. Of course, there are numerous apps created just for kids who have access to iPhones, and they’re a bit more demanding than their fellow adult smartphone users. Which iPhone apps are taking the cake when it comes to kids? Here are the top five in no particular order.

Jun 8

Wordcamp Seattle 2013 speaker slides


Another fantastic Seattle Wordcamp has come and gone and the saddest part is having to wait one more year for it to happen all over again. Thanks to the volunteers and sponsors who made Wordcamp 2013 in Seattle a successful event.

Here are the speaker slides or notes from the tracks…at least the ones I could find. Please contact me if you know the location of ones I missed.

Jun 8

Get to know me through Vizify!

My Vizify Profile

Sorry peeps for not writing in awhile. I have been very busy building websites (see updated portfolio) and playing with the fam! Plus writing a blog post is a very involved process…or can be. Like everything I doI want my posts to be interesting, helpful and perfect. So instead of just DOING IT – I AVOID IT! Ever happen to you? However, this post will be an easy short topic about my new favorite application called Vizify. It’s something that you are all going LOVE.  One of my friends/clients turned it on to me recently (thanks d11) and it is a fun way for people to get to know you.

Jan 31

PART 3: Setting up the MailChimp Subscribe form on your Website

signup form
This is Part 3 of a 3 part blog series:  How to Move from Feedburner to Mailchimp: Full Guide

The final part and perhaps the most important is adding the blog signup form to your site.  This is pretty easy but you must consider more than just adding the form.  Think about what the subscription email will look like when asked to confirm.  You can and should brand those emails.  Here is how to complete that whole process in Mailchimp:

STEP 4: Setting up your Subscription Confirmation Emails