Cleaning Up Website Clutter

Messy Desk

Think of your website as a room in your home. If this room were crammed with haphazardly piled boxes, it would be difficult to locate anything. This is how visitors feel when they encounter a cluttered website. They’re on the hunt for solutions, not a scavenger hunt through chaos. They want clear, straightforward answers with…

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Beware of Scams and Spam as a Website Owner

After managing several websites over the years, you find patterns from scammers. Often, my clients ask me to verify the legitimacy of something they’ve received, and many times, it’s a scam I’ve seen with other site owners. It’s crucial to be vigilant about emails or mail concerning your site. If something feels off, it probably…

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Be the Master of Your Own Domain: Tips for Searching and Owning Domain Names

As an initial step in launching a business, I always ask my clients, “Have you selected a domain name?” This is a crucial starting point, as aligning your business name with your primary domain name is a vital marketing strategy. Consistency here avoids customer confusion and ensures they can effortlessly locate your website. Consider this…

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