Moving subscribers away from Feedburner and into Mailchimp

Click here if you would rather download and print this guide (however, there will be links to videos in the guide) If you are a Feedburner user you probably have heard the news that Google is placing Feedburner into “maintenance mode” starting sometime July 2021.  What the heck does “maintenance mode” mean?  You may have…

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Change your Website Favicon, Please!

I have to admit that one of my biggest pet peeves when visiting a website is seeing a default favicon image in the top title of the page, whether it be from your website hosting company or the theme logo.  If you don’t know what a favicon is check out this screenshot:

I don’t really know why that bothers me so much. Perhaps it’s because I feel it is in an important piece of keeping consistent branding on your site.

Most of the time it is fairly easy to change out your favicon image.  You can even just changeout the favicon.ico file in the file directory of your site through FTP.

Did that last sentence just sound Greek to you?  If so read on – there are other ways.

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Optimizing Your Feedburner Email in 10 minutes

Although I am just getting started blogging on my site, this is one post I have been aching to write even before my new website launched. Feedburner is no doubt the most popular method for emailing blog posts to subscribers. However, I think many users do not realize its potential and all the ways the service can be utilized to maximize readership and sharing. This post will take you through 5 major ways to easily optimize your Feedburner account.

I’m going to walk you through one of my client’s Feedburner’s accounts because she is really active at testing which methods work best for her readers. Keep in mind not all optimization techniques work for all types of markets. In my opinion, this is true for much of the online marketing advice out there. Sometimes generalized assumptions may not work well for your type of customers or readers. You need to experiment and test and find which method works best for your business.

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