How to set up your website to sell your favorite products on Amazon

I’ve had more and more clients ask me lately the best way to recommend their favorite Amazon products on their website.  Amazon used to allow you to set up a mini store of products that could be embedded into a website, but that has been replaced with Amazon Associates, their affiliate program.

How to start an Amazon Associates account:

  1. You fill out their application (free to join): You will be asked a series of questions, such as your website address, what category of products you will be selling, how you drive traffic to your website, and more.
  2. Select how Amazon will pay you: Direct Deposit, Check or Amazon Gift Card
  3. Fill out Tax info (SSN if an individual, sole proprietor or single-owner LLC and EIN if a corporation)
  4. Digitally sign your application
  5. Your application will be reviewed after you’ve referred qualified sales to (see below for how).

How to set up your site to SELL Amazon products:

Once you log into the system will recognize you as an affiliate seller and you will see this “SiteStripe” bar on the top of your account.

When a visitor is on your site and clicks on any of your links, images, banners that leads them to Amazon, your code follows them to the shopping cart so Amazon knows you referred them and you receive a percentage of the sale.

  1. Links

    If you mention an Amazon book or product that you recommend in a blog post or page, why not make a little money from it?  Look up that product on Amazon then click Text on the SiteStripe bar on top and copy the link and paste it into your blog post.  Here is an example:

  2. Image

    If you want to add an image of the product to your website that is linkable select Image option from Site Stripe and make sure you paste the code/link in the text tab of your post or add an HTML block if in a page builder. (see below)

    ….on your blog:

  3. Image and Text:

    This is my favorite selection, because it shows both the title of the product and the image with a Buy Now button, along with the price…which will update if the price changes. Make sure you paste the code in the text tab on your blog (see #2 above)  or add an HTML block if in a page builder. There are 2 types of image/text code you can choose from:


  4. Facebook or Twitter

    You can even share your recommended product on Facebook or Twitter right from Amazon.

  5. Banner ads:

    With an Amazon Associates account, you really can sell almost anything and make a bit of money from it.  You don’t necessarily need to recommend a specific product.  You can add Amazon banners on your site and when a person clicks on the banner link they are taken to with your referral code.  They can buy anything on Amazon and you receive the credit. To find the banners, you go back to Amazon Associates and go to product links > banners from the menu.  Here is a link to that section:  Then copy the code for any size banner that fits on your website.

    Here is a banner example:

Examples of Website Selling Amazon Products:

You can also set up a resource or recommended products page on your website and turn it into all Amazon product links like these 2 clients of mine did:


How much will you earn?

That depends on the product you are selling.  You can earn as much as 10% on clothing and as little as 1% on video games and consoles.  Amazon Associates has a fee chart that shows the percentage earned for each product category here:

How to see how much you have earned?

Click on Earning on the top right of SiteStripe when on and it will take it to your earning chart.


  • After you fill out your application, set up your links right away and encourage those sales from your website.  Amazon will not approve your application until you receive 3 sales from your links in the first 180 days of your application.
  • If your affiliate links have not referred qualified sales after 180 days, your application and access to Associates Central will be withdrawn. Your affiliate links will no longer


I hope this helps you earn a little extra money from the items you are already recommending to your visitors.  Please let me know if you have set up your Amazon Associates account and are starting to sell through your website.  I love to hear your success stories.

Happy Selling!

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